Google carries the most traffic of all search engines - more than 60%. As long as Google is the dominant power in search, understanding how the site is viewed from their perspective is important to successs. Join Google Webmaster tools and "verify the site". Among other functions this provides visibility to how frequently the site is crawled. It provides a view of your site from Google's eyes. Once the page is indexed (which happens quite quickly) it will provide a list of the keywords pulled from your site. Additionally, it provides a view of the sites who are linking to your site (inbound links) which are extremely important.

Posts and content that are not relative to targeted keywords can be "removed" from the content which AdSense reads by adding the HTML Code (link to retrieve in TXT form):

If you noticed that you have a section of your post causing improper ads to be served, there are several tools at this link to correct the situation.

Google Analytics is also a must have. It is the single best tool on the web for observing the amount of traffic and the source of that traffic. Not only your visitors, but their geographic locations, the pages they were directed to, the source of the traffic, etc. If there is a site that is providing good organic traffic, consider advertising with them. Reward the sites that are helping you build online traffic with your advertising dollars.

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