Keyword Research has determined the following:
  • Pasteurizers are definitely a niche site and max out at approximately 20 searches per day for that particular word
  • Information on Louis Pasteur himself blows away any of that at 450 searches per day. Is there any value in having a page on him that sells / advertises something educational? Would be interesting to have demographic information on these searches.
  • The existing blog is doing well against these stats (seeing approximately 50% of the traffic for pasteurizers in a day) but it will difficult to hit the income goals with such a small amount of traffic.
Tools are available to get more information on what the sites visitors are / were looking for. The data is from the start of the site (about 4/1/09 until today 8/10/09). The keywords above would be biased however. The site is currently optimized for "tunnel vs. flash" and it was intended that would be strategy - to start there and work the way on other rankings. Ok, More work to do:
  1. An excellent "plug-in" / app that will let me ask visitors on departure what they were looking for and if they found it or is . This is a free tool that will provide feedback on customer service.
  2. At least one post will target the keyword "used pasteurizers". This will test the theory if the traffic exists.
  3. We will work toward getting the site ready for going "live" with an e-mail campaign. The site needs to be fully developed and content rich before sending out a mass mailing. As the contact list for a mass mailing is often a "one time shot" (or at least once a year) the goal of the e-mail campaign is subscribers. Regular visitors.
In brief, our strategy will be to target our blog posts to the traffic based on keyword analysis.

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