The Google AdSense Revenue from the first Adsense blog is not a windfall at under $20 in several months, but clearly shows the potential. On average - the blog is making $.07 cents per click, and has a 2% click through rate. This means to achieve the AdSense Revenue goal of $100/ month, that site would need:

  • 1,428 clicks per month, and a montly online traffic amount of 71,500 visitors, this is more than the online traffic most keyword discovery resources report as available for the sites niche.
  • A group of advertisers who are willing to pay $5-$10/month for advertising. This is only good for them if the site provides high quality connections.
  • Unique affiliate programs that sell products my users would be interested in (which I have not yet found)
  • Begin a forum for used equipment sales focused on pasteurizers, and ask for a commission if the products sell.
The forward action plan to produce the $100/month will be:
  1. Adbrite is not providing relevant industrial content for the site. Find a tool which can do that.
  2. Find a way to increase the Adsense ads on the page, and the AdSense Revenue.
  3. Start the forum with an 'easy' user interface that will let anyone sell their equipment online.
The niche blog will (at best) generate internet traffic of 100 visitors per day. As that is the online traffic available the site will limited in what it can accomplish in AdSense Revenue. To increase revenue, the site would perhaps need an e-book, sell used equipment, an affiliate programs etc, to increase the blogs income. Meanwhile, we plan to spend our windfall.

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