I've invested 100's of hours attempting to understand how to get the information on this site to you via organic search engine optimization. It has obviously worked, or you would not be reading this information right now. Keyword discovery is critical to your success. If you want to get web site traffic and AdSense Revenue this is a must read topic, and you must first find the right keyword tool to use.

There are a number of Keyword Discovery tools on the web. Stop and think about which tool to use. Which of these tools:
  1. Are Free? Unless your a pro, chances are your not paying $60 bucks a month for access.
  2. Has the biggest data base? You want a tool that has the most information contained in it.
  3. Can suggest other relevant terms that perhaps your not looking at?
  4. Can provide information on competition associated with that keyword?
  5. Can tell you what the value of relevant advertisement would be?
  6. Allows the user to export to an Excel File to manipulate the data? This allows for the maniplulation of the data, and the use of math formulas to find the most relevant traffic producting keywords with the least competition.
With dozens of tools available, one has to conclude that the core strategy should be doing keyword discovery with Google Keyword Research Tool. It would appear to be common sense: Google controls more than 60% of the total traffic on the web. As such, their database must be the most complete. They offer it for free, and provide information on the competition associated with any keyword, as well as what associated advertisement revenue would be.

The strategy is to get a high volume of organic web site traffic via a keyword strategy with low competition. While serving ads for a keywords that have a targeted AdSense revenue value.

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