Based on the prior articles, our webmaster has now determined her goals:

  • She plans to run an Adsense Blog 
  • She will need to get web site traffic of 313 Visitors per day, and accomplish a 4% click through rate with Blogger Adsense
  • Her plan involves an agressive goal to (earn from Adsense) $8 / click in to reach her Google Adsense Revenue goal of $3,000 per month.

She has also done keyword discovery and concluded that her niche is too competitive for her to reasonably expect organic search engine placement. Her plan will be to get web site traffic outside of organic search engine optimization.

In her keyword discovery she constructed a list of nearly 1,500 Adwords keywords and their Adsense Value.All of this work has been covered in prior posts.
  • She will have a keyword optimization strategy for the meta title, meta description, and meta keywords on the site. All of these will be 'keyword rich' with a focus on 1 keyword. She is doing this as her long term goal does involve her getting some organic search, but it is too competitive for her to expect that out of the gate. Surrounding the site with her 1 keyword will be the main focus of the site.
  • She will ensure that every blog post is rich with keywords linked with Adsense revenues that are in the range of $8 / click, and avoid keywords which may not perform at that level. 
  • She also is depending upon her skills to write high quality relevant articles that will bring her a loyal blog following.
She has selected a group of core keywords she will draw from in each of her blog posts:
  • google search engine optomization
  • natural search engine optimization
  • search engine internet marketing optimization
  • search engine marketing
  • website optimization
  • organic search engine optimization
  • search engine optimization
  • search engine optimization strategies
  • effective search engine optimization
  • search engine optimization strategies
  • get web site traffic
  • search engine optimization tips
  • get traffic web
  • get site traffic
  • internet marketing search engine placement
As each blog post requires a slightly different topic. She will use the 'core list' of Adwords keywords where she can. When the topic of the post is an auxiliary theme, she will reference the keyword data table she has built and create a second 'keyword rich' list with the intention that Google will continue serving Adsense ads which are in the ballpark of her goal $8.  She will avoid the use of keywords that are associated with the low ad values, as she is now also aware of what those are.

As her blog already exists, she will need to:
  1. Decide on the 1 keyword that will be the dominant keyword for her site
  2. Overhaul her pre-existing blog posts with her keyword discoveries
  3. Install a site map such that any assocatiated pages that are not optomized are not indexed
  4. Change her sites Meta Name, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords to surround her main topic
  5. She will use WEB CEO as her search engine submission software to put the new information out to roughly 100 search engines, directories, and blog directories
  6. She will assign labels to each of her blog posts that surround her keywords
  7. She will assign ALT Text tags to each of her images that can help bring visitors to the site through image searches.

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