This site has a number of Search Engine Optimization tips to start a blog.  MyWebJourney.Com went nuts for a 5 day period after doing the WebCEO submission to worldwide search engines and blog directory's. Following that all traffic died. The site was launched without the detailed site plan.
At this point - this site is in dire need of direction. What started out as a personal Journal now has significant content. This site has had no keyword discovery, no regular traffic, no search engine optimization, and no subscribers. Here is what we know about keyword discovery; the site needs keywords which:
1. Get traffic to the web site
2. Have enough internet web traffic to produce a "volume" of visitors
2. Attract relavent high value AdSense ads that will yield income 
The objective is to optomize the site around keywords which are searched for often - hopefully a few thousand times a day - surrounding the words associated with this sites content:

  • Blog / Blogger / Blogging

  • Journaling steps to build a blog

  • Amateur blogging

  • Get Web Site Traffic

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The tools used to do the research are:

  • Google SKTools - this is an Adsense feature that reports on total traffic and competition. It may be necessary to have an AdWords account to get access. It allows the data (including competition and the average cost of ads for any keywords) to be exported to Excel.

  • Wordpot.Com - this is a free online rescource that reports on the number of searches for any keyword.

  • WebCEO - has its own keyword indicator

  • WordTracker.Com - another free tool that reports on the average number of searches per day for any given keyword.

  • Google Webmaster Tools - which gives a detailed breakdown on what this sites relavent keywords are.
 There is no 1 tool that gives which can state definitively what the total traffic on the web is for any word on any given day.

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